El Renacimiento

Por Juan Benito Rodríguez Manzanares Abstract: The Renaissance is one of the longest, most complex, most beautiful and, above all, worthy of study and knowledge, because it was the starting point of the Modern Age, abandoning the Middle Ages and putting in value many elements and factors that, until then, had not been taken into[...]

Versolibrismo vs preceptiva poética

Abstract: Currently there is a great tendency when composing poetry, to compose it with white and free verses, far away from the guidelines that in this sense offers the poetic precepts. We are going to investigate this subject, sometimes somewhat controversial.   Resumen documental: Actualmente hay una tendencia muy grande a la hora de componer[...]


Abstract: In the world of classical poetry, especially that which makes use of metrics, to which we can also add rhyme, versification is something that has been, is and will be absolutely fundamental for the good composition of the poem, and every good poet should know the different forms of versification. Resumen documental: En el[...]

La Rima Jotabé: una estructura estrófica de futuro

Por Juan Benito Rodríguez ManzanaresAbstractHistory and why the Rima Jotabe within the paradigm of world poetry, despite the fact that it already had its great compositions and strophic structures, and how this new creation has made its way among today’s poets all over the world.Resumen documentalHistoria y porqué de la Rima Jotabé dentro del paradigma[...]